Happy New Year...

I don't know 'bout you but this just makes my heart smile...Zooey + JGL.

Been MIA here for quite some time with my temporary busy schedule during the holiday season and with me being sick pretty often lately (almost every week.) So cheers to a successful and productive twenty twelve!


Makes me happy...

Being married makes me happy. And having this gorgeous engagement ring and wedding ring my husband both picked out is just simply priceless. 


Inspired interior...

With the cold weather here in the bay area, I can't help but think about large windows. The pops of blue (and yellow) makes it even better.



Hello {new} work week...

Oh, the lovely long holiday weekend has come to an end. Time for a new work week and time for a temporary busy schedule. Hope I'm ready for this...



Cozy {holiday} weekend...

Happy cozy {holiday} weekend. All I want to to do is curl up in a cozy nook like this with a fabulous chair and a comfy blanket and a great book.

Hoping for a much more productive postings next week. *cossing fingers I get better soon.



Happy Thanksgiving...

Been feeling a bit a little under the weather for the last week or so. But still had to carry on for the Thanksgiving festivities. We decided to celebrate our first Thanksgiving as husband as wife...just us two at our small humble abode.

Thankful we have each and other and the great people in our lives.




With Thanksgiving holiday just around the corner, I can't help but think about some tablescapes and how I wish our small humble abode had room for a dining table. So for now, I shall think about it virtually.

Love this small simple tablescape with the chicness of black & white stripes and the gold silverware for some glam.